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Business Lending Credit (BLC) provides referral assistance to 1000’s of small to midsize business owners by connecting them with some of the world’s leading financial service providers in the area of business commercial credit products such as business credit cards, business credit lines, business credit loans and private investment procurement services.  If you are a small business looking for commercial funding sources and business credit options, BLC may be able to help you gain the financial power to move to the next level.

We work within a network of service providers that help businesses obtain working capital loans, business credit cards, business lines of credit, business loans for startups with some of America’s top lending institutions and commercial credit banks.

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YES!  I want to explore my loan options for funding my small to midsize business. I need to build business credit, find business credit lines, obtain business credit cards or raise capital for my startup business. Please fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.


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Business Lending Credit (BLC) works with commercial lenders, business credit card providers and other commercial credit sources by way of service providers to bring the best possible commercial credit solutions and credit options.

Our mission is to help every small to midsize business owner realize their entrepreneurial dreams.  Keep existing businesses alive by providing access to working business capital and obtaining the business credit cards to make funding your business easier.

Business is a challenge, we work to alleviate some of the hassles of finding business capital and helping you focus more on running a successful business with optimal business cash flow.

Disclosure Statement: We are an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) that markets sales underwriting programs for various companies.  This basically means we go to bat for all our clients in fancy legal terms.


Does your Small Business Accept Bitcoin?

Small Businesses Save Hundreds of Dollars in Credit Card Payment Processing Fees Accepting Bitcoin It hard to recall the last big thing that affected small businesses and retailers since the acceptance of credit cards in the early 1970’s.  When credit cards started to become popular, small businesses and retailers were left out in the cold.  …

Funding Your Startup

How can Business Lending Credit help startup founders obtain commercial credit lines, business credit cards, and other startup funding sources? 

Startup business credit sources

At Business Lending Credit, we understand first hand the challenges of being an entrepreneur with a dream and little money to bring the dream to reality. Money isn’t everything but it sure is necessary to make your business dreams – business realities.

At BLC, we help guide startup founders through the complex problem of making commercial banks and commercial lenders believe in your dream and helping your vision take flight.  Startups face many challenges when it comes to raising capital for equipment, office leasing, travel and other costly necessaries of a new business.  Sometimes, a startup doesn’t need a million dollars, but simply some access to business credit cards for attending key industry events, traveling and simply for “getting started”.

BLC can help you find the money you need for your startup business.

Not all startups are technology related and not all startups will make billions of dollars like UBER or Facebook.  This is why we work with startups in the food industry such as restaurants and bars, professionals such as dentists, lawyers, doctors, architects and other professionals looking for business credit to get started.  Commercial credit is not always easy to get, but not always hard to find. We can help your business find the commercial credit it needs to get off the ground – up and running. That’s our goal at BLC.

We work with startup partnerships, sole proprietors, and corporations.

If you or your startup business need funding or business credit options, drop us a line: Fill out our contact form.